Monday, September 9, 2013

Review: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1)
by Cassandra Clare
Rating: 3 Wine Glasses

After taking a step back and a couple weeks of reflection, I am downgrading my initial rating of City of Bones from a 4 to a 3. I enjoyed the world Cassandra Clare has built, however I have found myself not as invested in the world or the characters as I would have liked to been by the time the book ended. For example, Clary’s mother is kidnapped at the beginning of the novel, yet I seem to forget about her for the majority of the novel. While the author is giving the reader a 50/50 mix of vital background and pointless details (do I really need to know how big Isabelle’s necklace is?), the book is absent of what I need most – the desire to care about what happens to these people. This was put on the back burner for the bulk of the novel.  

While reading, I continuously stopped and wondered why something seemed so familiar and I would remember some similar experience/situation in Harry Potter, Star Wars, Percy Jackson, ect. That déjà vu ruined the book’s flow and creativity points. I wasn’t a fan of the ending. The what I like to refer to as the “OMG” moment, completely blindsided me. It could have been the author’s ode to Star Wars, but this twist was unnecessary among other things. I was also shocked how lightly sex is referred to when Clary is only 15 years old, going on 16.

I admit that I have a tiny crush on Jace. He is the perfect image of a fixer-up boyfriend - a damaged bad boy with a sarcastic mouth to match and sarcasm just happens to be my personal love language.  The garden scene was my favorite book kissing scene so far this year.

I have book two, City of Ashes at my disposal but I haven’t had an overwhelming urge to start it so maybe I try to see where the story goes at a later date.

Favorite quote: There might be a God, Clary, and there might not. Either way we’re on our own.

My Soundtrack for City of Bones: Demons by Imagine Dragons

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