Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles, #1) by Rick Riordan

I first read this book back in 2011 as I was impatiently waiting for the next Percy Jackson book to be released.  I have this thing about starting book series and not finishing them.  Alright, it's a little OCD and this series has been nagging at me for the last 3 years.  I started reading the second book in this series, but found that I hadn't retained much in 3 years, so I started over from the beginning.

The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles, #1) by Rick Riordan
Rating: Originally 3, upgraded to a 3 1/2 wine glasses

Carter and Sadie Kane, are brother and sister who have been separated since the death of their mother.  Carter has been traveling the world with his Egyptologist father, Julius Kane, while Sadie has been raised by her grandparents in London.  It's Christmas Eve and Julius and Carter have arrived in London for their scheduled visitation with Sadie.  Julius has made arrangements to visit the museum where some very powerful Egyptian artifacts are on display.  While at the museum, Carter and Sadie witness their father unleash the Egyptian gods.  What Julius Kane has done was against the magician's law, unleashed some of the most powerful gods in history, and tossed his children right in the middle of everything.  Carter and Sadie, have been hidden from this life of gods and magic and discover how special they really are.

I am a huge Rick Riordan fan.  I love how I can learn about history of the gods in a modern way.  This book is being narrated by both Carter and Sadie.  I've discovered a secret locker and am listening to a recorded message from Carter and Sadie Kane.  Rick Riordan sure knows how to put you right in the middle of the book.  The characters are wonderful, the story is unique and full of magic and plot twists.  Most of all, I love that even though I'm reading a young adult novel, I'm having just as much fun as when I read adult novels.  The reason that I upgraded the rating from my original rating was because I read this book right after finishing one of the other Percy Jackson books.  Riding the high that I got from that book into this book skewed my perception.  Percy Jackson is hard to beat.  This time, I read this book and enjoyed it even more.

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