Rating Meter:
5 wine glasses - Euphoria. I wanted to read this book every waking moment. I may have even contemplated put off my to-do list, sleep and socializing. This book took over my life.

4 wine glasses - In a Good Place. You don't need to persuade me to keep on reading this book or future books in this series. I would recommend this to fellow readers.

3 wine glasses - Buzzed. There were some good aspects, but it may have not lived up to its full potential.

2 wine glasses - Not Feeling It. I could take or leave this book. If I stopped reading this book, it would not have bothered me. This book is not for me.

1 wine glasses - Sobering. I did not finish this novel or regretted spending my time completing it.

Note: We do include 1/2 glasses for in between ratings as needed.

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