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Hi, I'm Rachel - I first fell in love with reading when my oldest sister gave me Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the 3rd grade. Once I traveled to Hogwarts - reality just didn't do it for me anymore. Let's just say I never got over my first love and there is nothing better than that feeling of fall in love all over again with a new novel. Reading, reviewing and blogging doesn't pay the bills (if anything it causes more bills) so until then I am an average Jill by day and a blogger by night. I love to discuss, debate, review, rate and appreciate books so feel free to say hi, drop a line and look around.

Hi, I'm Melissa - I am a mother of four and yet I always find time to sneak in books between the kids' baseball games and taekwondo lessons. I have set up a book schedule for the next couple of months to make sure I catch up on all my series, read all the releases I am dying to get my hands on and then any additional indie titles I discover. I am continuously looking for that next book high. 

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