Sunday, August 11, 2013

Showcase Sunday #2

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by Vicky at Books, Biscuits and Tea where you show what books you've purchased, borrowed, checked out from the library, received from giveaway, ect. Here is my showcase for this week. 

Checked Out:  

While I have a bookshelf covered in books yet to be read, I still convinced myself that a trip to the local library was essential to finding my next book to read. I went there with three particular books in mind, Cinder, City of Bones and Maze Runner.

I have been in the mood for a fairy tale book and I have been eyeing Cinder for a while so hopefully it will live up to my expectations. I also picked up Scarlet in case I wanted to start the second book in the Lunar Chronicles series once I finish Cinder.

City of Bones has also been on my to-read list for a while now and since the movie is being released this month I thought, "What the heck. It is either now or never."

I intended to get Maze Runner for my boyfriend since he is looking for something new that is comparable to Divergent and the Hunger Games. I was hoping that I could get him to scope it out for me to see if it is worth all the hype it has been receiving. Since the library didn't have any copies, I picked up the Witch and Wizard by James Patterson, which is yet another series that I have heard about but haven't had a chance to read yet. My boyfriend is a fan of James Patterson's Alex Cross series so maybe he can get into this series as well.


I tried not to go too crazy on freebies at Amazon and Barnes & Noble this week, but it is almost impossible to talk myself out of downloading books when I know I am not spending any money.

What books did you pick up this week?


  1. Cinder was really good. I haven't read Scarlet yet, but I've heard good things about it. :)

  2. I've heard great things about many of these books! I hope you enjoy them, happy reading!


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