Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Something From the Nightside by Simon R. Green

Rachel and I are still figuring this blogging thing out. Rachel already rocks the page and I'm still trying to figure it out.  Rachel is far superior when it comes to her posts and reviews.  Rachel's reviews are full of thought, meaning, and she always has lots of questions.  I wish I could write like her.  When I read, I read for pure entertainment.  I am usually transported into the book and live moment by moment alongside the characters.  I don't analyze why a character does this or why this is the way it is.  That's Rachel and why I like her so much.  So, what you will get from me will be posts that are fairly straight forward and describe how I felt when reading the book.  I'm hopping the more I do this the better I will become.  Please be patient with me.

I'm currently in the process of reading The Good, The Bad, and The Uncanny by Simon R. Green.  This is book 10 of 12 in the Nightside series.  This all started about three years ago, I had just finished the Twilight series for the second time.  Yes, I got caught up in the Twilight hype, but those were the first books I had read in over ten years.  Kids. Needing something to quench my renewed thirst for books, the Nightside series was recommended to me.  I'm a sci-fi fantasy kind of a girl and it sounded like something right up my alley.

By Simon R. Green
Rating: 3 Wine Glasses

John Taylor, left the Nightside for a chance at a normal life as a private investigator in the human world.  He has a special gift for finding missing things.  Years later, John is barely making ends meat in the real world and has just been hired to find a young teenage daughter who has gone missing.  All of the clues lead to the place that John vowed never to return to.  John has to make a decision to return and deal with the consequences he ran away from or let a young girl become another victim of the Nightside.  According to John, the Nightside "is the sick, secret, magical heart of London, where gods and monsters go to make the deals and seek the pleasures they won't find anywhere else."

Reader beware.

I like this series, it gives me the opportunity to be the bad, good guy.  Let's face it, sometimes you just need that.  There are no morals in the Nightside and all of your guilty pleasures come true.  Like a lot of British authors that I've read, there is a lot of description.  I've realized that I enjoy dialog so without a lot of dialog it takes me longer than typical get through reading these.  I've also realized that I can't just jump into the next book of the series I need to wait a while in-between them.  They are thrilling and full of mystery, I just don't like living in them for too long.

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