Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Featured Freebie: Natural Selection by Elizabeth Sharp

It's Friday again and I am on the search for the perfect Halloween costume. It's my second favorite holiday after Christmas. As of right now, my boyfriend and I will probably be Superman and Lois Lane or Medusa and her stone victim. However, I am going out costume searching after I finish posting this so that might still change. 

Natural Selection (Forces of Nature #1) by Elizabeth Sharp 
Free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Average, plain-bodied Amelia Hoffman has resigned herself to a life of mediocrity, unable to escape the shadows cast by her all-too-perfect siblings. Worse, her feelings for her brother’s best friend are getting stronger.

Everything changes after the brutal murder of her close friend.

Suddenly, Amelia’s life is transformed and she is thrust into a wondrous and frightening new world of myths and legends. As she explores this new world hidden within the layers of her own, secrets are revealed. When her body miraculously changes overnight, Amelia is forced to hide in her home for her own protection. But as danger circles closer, Amelia has to figure out who is committing the ruthless homicides.

Otherwise, she could be next. - Goodreads

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