Monday, August 5, 2013

Melissa's Monday Review: Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn

I know it's a little late, but I thought that I would make my first contribution to the site. I have read a lot of fantastic books lately and it was really hard to decide which one I should post here tonight. I haven't read many new releases so I apologize if I'm behind the times on this one. Since this book is currently free and Rachel mentioned it in yesterday's post here you go.

Open Minds (Mindjack Trilogy #1) 
by Susan Kaye Quinn
Rating: 5 out of 5 wine glasses

Imagine a world where we have evolved to communicate telepathically. By the time you become a teenager you should go through the change, if you don't, you are an outcast, a zero. Unable to go to college or get a decent job because you can't be trusted with thoughts that no one can hear. Kira Moore has been waiting for her change and has begun the realization that she may never. Her best friend Raf won't give up hope for the girl he loves. Kira nearly kills him when she finally goes through the change only it's not what she or anyone expected. Kira has the ability to push people telepathically to her command. Kira meets Simon who is like her and helps her with the change. Simon has mastered his craft and is not always moral or ethical. She knows that no one can know her secret since history has proven disaster with people who are different, but she can't trust Simon and the cult he is trying to get her to join. Kira is faced with decisions to either fight against the corrupt cults or the to protect them from the unlawful system that hunts them because they are different.

The author did a fantastic job developing this world from the technology you use your mind to control and the slang the teenagers use. The story is nothing that I've read before. I love Kira, have a sweet spot for Raf, and love to hate Simon. I'm hooked!

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