Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Top Ten Unusual Character Names

This is this week's Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by The Broke & the Bookish.

This week's topic: Top Ten Unusual Character Names

We picked ten books that contain unusual character names and they are not in any particular order. Sorry that this post is a day late. I have been crazy busy this month - I love Halloween and everything else this amazing month has brought with it (costumes, pumpkin carving and decorating) except this snow we have been getting. It isn't supposed to snow in October. Time to break out the hot chocolate.

1. Sayer, Lorcan, Kaitrianna, Turloch, Maeve and Dunkirk from the Ancients of Light series. Melissa contemplated renaming one of sons Sayer while reading Broken.

2. Pia and Eio from Origin.

3. Eilidh and Saor from the Caledonia Fae series.

4. Bitterblue, Greening Grandemalion (aka Po), Sapphire (aka Saf) and Leck from the Graceling series.

5. Jett and Settak from Firedancer

6. Leith, Syrus and Forest from Forbidden Forest.

7. Gemma, Harper and Penn from the Watersong series.

8. Albus, Fleur, Bellatrix, Severus, Draco, Luna and Rubeus from the Harry Potter series. 

9. Mina and Teague from the Unfortunate Fairy Tale series.

10. Peeta, Primrose and Katniss from the Hunger Games series.

Any unusual character names are we missing?


  1. Yup, Pia and Eio are definitely weird names..Love Gemma, Fleur and Albus though! ^^

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  2. Renesme from Twilight would definitely be up there. I would also say it is unusual to call people by #'s like Four (Tobias from Divergent Triology) and like the characters in the Lorien Series. I'd also like to add Pittacus into the unusual name category.


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