Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top Ten New to Us Authors in 2013

This week's Top 10 Tuesday, which is hosted by The Broke & the Bookish. Tonight's topic, Top Ten New to Us Authors in 2013.

2013 was a great year, full of new authors that Melissa and I will be watching for years to come.

1. Jennifer L. Armentrout / J. Lynn - Melissa discovered the Lux Series by Armentrout and then the Covenant series and let's just say she is now a J-ARM fan for life. I just started reading the Lux Series about a week ago and I will admit that Melissa knows how to recommend books. Props to Armentrout for creating one of the sexiest fictitious men I have ever stumbled across. I really hope she considers making the Lux series longer because I can't get my fill of Daemon Black.

2. Heather Fleener - Melissa introduced me to the Ancients of Light series by Fleener early this year and it has been quite a journey since. A journey full of sexy vampires who I just want to sink my teeth into. We also got a chance to meet Fleener and share some witches brew as we discussed the Realm she created along with it delicious residents.

3. Lauren Oliver - Before I Fall by Oliver just blew me away and then we read the Delirium series for book club. I am eagerly waiting for the releases of Panic and Rooms in 2014. I will read anything this woman writes.

4. Kiera Cass - What can I say other than I fell completely and utterly head over heads for Cass' Selection series. I can't wait for the final book, The One to be released in May.

5. Veronica Roth - We just discovered the Divergent series this year and it was like the Hunger Games all over again. We became obsessed with this series and....also Four. Yummy Yum Yum.

6. Susan Kaye Quinn - Melissa found the first book of Quinn's Mindjack trilogy on her Nook and since that day her life got hijacked by this series.

7. Jamie Magee - Melissa got reeled into Magee's Insight series by another freebie on B&N.

8. Tenaya Jayne - I found Forbidden Forest free on Amazon. Forest and Syrus romance had me swooning and sent tingles down my spine.

9. Samantha Hoffman - Between picking up Arena Wars and Zombie Island for free on Amazon, I have become absorb into Hoffman's worlds of werewolves, vampires and zombies. This woman knows how to make the men real while keeping them fantastically dreamy.

10. C.E. Wilson - Another pleasant surprise was the discovery of The Punishment Sequence series by Wilson. The story contained one of the most unusual relationship I have read but that is what made me adorn the first book in the series, Oath of Servitude sooo much. Now, I just need to get my hands on the second book. Don't miss my review and giveaway of Oath of Servitude coming soon.

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